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About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2016, RxAllng is Africa's largest digital pharmacy platform. We enable patients buy high quality AI-authenticated medicines from trusted offline pharmacies who use our AI-enabled inventory software to ensure availability. We pool the procurement of our network pharmacies and enable patients get the lowest prices.


Patients save time they would have otherwise used in the open markets, reduce their transportation expenses and receive high quality and non-counterfeit products without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can also receive 'telepharmacare' through the platform. 

RxAllng offers an alternative sales channel for pharmacies who are pursuing an omnichannel sales strategy. We provide this service and our AI enabled inventory software to you free of charge. By selling through RxAllng you will reduce your sales costs and achieve wider coverage and visibility in your country of operation. Through our inventory software you will always have the right stock for your patients.