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  • Open your store within five minutes, you only need a valid premises and pharmacist's licence

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  • The platform is free!

  • Tell your customers to order from your online shop, we pick up the orders from your store and deliver for you. You get your money within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the first online B2B marketplace for pharmacies in Africa. There are a lot of questions as we lead the charge in this new exciting terrain.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

You need a valid premises and pharmacist's licence, a laptop or smartphone, a list of the products you want to sell and internet.

Why should I open a shop on RxAllng?

Opening a shop on RxAllng will help you increase your sales as you can sell to pharmacies across Africa. It is free so you don't have anything to lose. Also we are a PCN licensed wholesaler so you can be rest assured of honest transactions. Using RxAllng to sell to your customers will reduce the stress of managing foot traffic into your physical store. We will help you deliver to your customers so you do not have to bother about shipping costs. You can use our powerful online inventory system to manage your stock. Forget about those computer based inventory management program that crash or those messy and stressful paper work. They are so old school. By managing your inventory through your shop on RxAllng you will be saving yourself a lot of stress, time and money-it is free! You have nothing to lose by selling through our platform, so SIGN UP NOW.

Can patients buy from our online shop on RxAllng?

No. Only licensed pharmacies can buy through RxAllng. This is a business to business platform.

What does RxAllng stand to gain from this platform?

We are supported by the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya and the Federal Government of Nigeria through its YouWin program, Equilateral Ventures, Merck KgAa and by Yale University through its InnovateHealthYale and Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. We gain from bringing the practice of pharmacy into the age of the internet and technology. By using digital technology to improve pharmacy practice, we are able to improve transparency of the pharmaceutical supply chain in Africa and help pharmacies and patients know where to get high quality medicines. We provide a platform to improve the performance of pharmacy wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. The Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board and the Pharmacists' Council of Nigeria are able to utilise our tool to achieve their regulatory mandate. We are a partner to all current stakeholders in Nigeria and indeed Africa's pharmaceutical supply chain.

How do we collect payments from customers?

Payment is collected on delivery by you or our shipping partners. If your customers decide to pay through a bank transfer or online payment, we will remit your money within 24 hours.

How does RxAllng collect commissions?

If we collect your cash on delivery or your customers pay through a bank transfer or online payment, we will take out our commissions before remitting your money. If you deliver or use a partner for delivery, you can use your online wallet to remit our commission or do a bank transfer to us.

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